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World Flamingo Day

On April 26th, our school burst into a vibrant celebration of World Flamingo Day.
The students enjoyed fun-filled activities centred around these majestic pink birds. From mathematical flow diagrams to poetic expressions and scientific experiments, each grade embarked on a unique journey into the world of flamingos.

Grade 5 students delved into the realm of Mathematics by crafting flamingo flow diagrams, and in the realm of Natural Sciences, Grade 4 learners embarked on an exciting adventure as they labelled flamingos, exploring the intricate details of these fascinating creatures. Meanwhile, the Grade 2 students adorned the day with creativity by crafting flamingo clocks, infusing a touch of whimsy into the concept of reading time. The Grade 7 students conducted a pink experiment in Natural Sciences, unravelling the mysteries of colour and light. Through this engaging experiment, they delved into the science behind the vibrant hues of flamingos, sparking their curiosity about the wonders of the natural world. The Grade 6 learners entertained the Grade 4s and 5s with their Flamingo Dance.

Life Orientation took on a playful twist for Grade 7 learners as they embraced their inner flamingos and engaged in a spirited run, mimicking the graceful movements of these magnificent birds. Additionally, the Grade 8 classes showcased their artistic talents by designing their own flamingo glasses in Creative Arts. In Geography they were taught where flamingos can be found in the world.

As the day unfolded, the school buzzed with excitement, laughter, and the vibrant hues of pink, as students and teachers alike immersed themselves in the Flamingo Spirit.

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