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Term 2 at Flamingo School: A Vibrant Start

Term 2 at Flamingo School kicked off with an electrifying celebration of Easter, setting the tone for a dynamic and engaging term ahead. Students and staff came together to commemorate this significant occasion, fostering a sense of unity and community within the school.

One highlight of the term was the announcement of the top 5 students in each grade, recognising their outstanding academic achievements and commitment to excellence. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to their peers and reflects the ethos of academic excellence upheld at Flamingo School.

In the realm of sports, both soccer and netball practice sessions are well underway, with students displaying enthusiasm and determination in their training. The teams are gearing up for their upcoming fixtures and are eager to represent Flamingo School with pride and sportsmanship.
As we embark on the journey through Term 2, Flamingo School remains committed to fostering academic excellence, promoting a spirit of sportsmanship, and nurturing the holistic development of every student. With a collaborative effort from students, teachers, and parents alike, we look forward to a successful and enriching term ahead.

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