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Grade 7 Prefect Camp

On the 21st of April, we left Aliwal North for Hogsback. We arrived at Hobbiton @ Hogsback at 12:00. There was no time to unpack, we started hiking straight away. The learners were amazed at the beauty of the “Madonna and Child” waterfall. Returning to the campsite, the learners settled in and after lunch and they were divided into two groups to complete a middle rope course. This course focuses on teamwork.

After a quick snack learners went Ziplining and had to complete a Wall climbing maze and only four learners were able to complete the maze. We had a nice supper and ended the night off with a night hike. By this time, we were exhausted but so honored by this amazing experience. The next day had back-to-back activities and although the weather was not on our side the learners enjoyed every moment.

We started the morning with an abseiling and a high rope course, most learners faced their fear of heights but still managed to complete the course. After this, they were divided into 3 groups and had a treasure hunt and a questionnaire about Hobbiton to complete. Group dynamics was next on the list. This activity does not only test brain power and physical strength but also tests their ability to lead and communicate. We ended the day with a message from Mrs. Vorster and praise and worship. Sunday the 23rd of April we returned home safely.

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